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DNIS's Acceptance in MobiCom: A Research Internship Result

This summer I was accepted for summer internship at the Nile University under the supervision of Dr. Moustafa Amin. The internship is a research internship at the WINC Research Center (Wireless Intelligent Networks Center) and its main requirements were good knowledge in both C/C++ programming and networking programming.
The kick off meeting was 2 weeks ahead of the internship. Dr. Moustafa gave us a general idea of what became later DNIS (Dynamic Network Interfaces Scheduler). He also gave us A LOT to read, which became the habit later on.
We started the journey of our research project which had 2 phases, the first was systems research and the second is the scheduling algorithm research. (I'll have later on a post on the details of the project).
By the end of the first phase we had some mock algorithms to test the whole idea, which is always the case with research, to see if the idea would really have positive results. When we tested the mock algorithms we got good results that enco…

Software Freedom Day @ Alexandria University

It's my greatest pleasure to announce Software Freedom Day @ Alexandria University. We are planning on having one of the biggest open source promoting events my university has ever seen, with peresntations, demos and contests lasting for two weeks.
The students' organizations working on that event till now are Alexandria ACM Chapter, Alexandria University OSUM Club and Arabic Wikipedia Team. We are still looking for others two help us make this event as big as it can get.
So if you're anywhere near Alexandria from the first of September till the 15th of it come and join us in our celebration.
RSVP here: and here
We're still working on our detailed plan and we'll have it online as soon as possible.