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Anohter concert, another great night

Most of my close friends know that I love attending the concerts of the BA Orchestra specially the ones conducted by Sherif Mohie Eldin. Last Monday (17th of November) there was a concert with a Spanish pianist as a guest to perform a soloist. I couldn’t miss a piano soloist for the world. As always the concert was held in the small theater with a huge number of very old people and it always amazes me the number of foreigners attending classical concerts as you can always spot at least 5 to 10 foreigners attending. It was the first time for me to attend with my camera as I had the intention of sharing this concert with you. When I picked up the program of the concert, I was pleased to find that they were play my favorite Chopin Concerto “Concerto for piano and Orchestra No. 1, in E minor, op. 11”. I don’t know exactly what all the parts of the name mean but I know the concerto and I love it. It was so different hearing it live from hearing it as an mp3 and Jose, the pianist ,was amazin…

Intel Core i7 processors (Nehalem)

Core i7, that’s the name of the new family of processors (code name Nehalem) Intel is releasing this month. I couldn’t read about something as major as this and not blog about it although I am having my midterms now. Anyway the new family has some big changes in the architecture something Intel calls QuickPath which is a new way of handling shared memory and inter-processors communication. The keyword is NO MORE FRONT SIDE BUS. FSB was used as parallel way for accessing both the memory and the IO devices. The new architecture separates the IO and the memory connections, putting the memory in direct point to point connection and that means that the memory manager moved from the chipset into the processor. The IO is handled through the chipset on the motherboard. That means with those new processors come new motherboards, chipsets and everything. One of the restrictions that comes with the new package is that although they support to have more DIMMs but the support only DDR3 (bye bye DDR…

Sun Campus Ambassador - Alexandira University

It is finally official. Say Hello! to the new Sun Campus Ambassador(CA.). It has been 4 months now since I first heard of the position. It was the first day of Wikimania; I talked with the people at the Sun Microsystems booth. It turned out the one of them was the regional manager of Education and Research. He was the one that told me all about the CA position. It was really a long journey, CV sent, first phone interview, second phone interview and a lot of e-mails coming and going ever since. I hope that I’ll be able to do my job as it should be done- Of course I'll need your help to do that. I welcome feedback and at any time.
I am really happy with the activities going all over our department and I hope that it could be of great help to everyone and that I would be a good part of what's going on.
For any feedbacks or questions concerning the CA position or activities you are welcomed to comment here or send me an e-mail.