Anohter concert, another great night

Most of my close friends know that I love attending the concerts of the BA Orchestra specially the ones conducted by Sherif Mohie Eldin. Last Monday (17th of November) there was a concert with a Spanish pianist as a guest to perform a soloist. I couldn’t miss a piano soloist for the world. As always the concert was held in the small theater with a huge number of very old people and it always amazes me the number of foreigners attending classical concerts as you can always spot at least 5 to 10 foreigners attending. It was the first time for me to attend with my camera as I had the intention of sharing this concert with you.
When I picked up the program of the concert, I was pleased to find that they were play my favorite Chopin Concerto “Concerto for piano and Orchestra No. 1, in E minor, op. 11”. I don’t know exactly what all the parts of the name mean but I know the concerto and I love it. It was so different hearing it live from hearing it as an mp3 and Jose, the pianist ,was amazing. Playing from the memory, with all the passion sparking from his face I could help feel amazed by the seen.
After the concerto was over Jose played us a solo. It was a shot amazing piece of quite and peaceful music. The orchestra took a break then when they returned they played two pieces by two composers that I don’t really know but I think if heard about one of them before. The two composers were S. Barber with “Adagio for strings” and B. Britten with “Simple Symphony”. The second piece had a part named playful pizzicato; all the players left there bows and the piece was played using there fingers without bows. It was not the first time to hear that piece but it’s always amazing.
At the end I was sad it was over but there will be a next time I hope.
Notes: This is not technical but it's kind of refreshing, all the pictures are taken by me so you can copy them, use them or do whatever you want with them and at the end don't forget to comment.


  1. very nice .. i love those concerts too .. classical music is great .. specially when you're coding :D

  2. sometimes readers need different content :D and this was what you excellently delivered :D
    great topic, waiting for more


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