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Contributing to Open Source - SFD 2010

Today I presented "Contributing to Open Source" as a part of Software Freedom Day @ Alexandria University 2010 held at Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The audience was great and helped in making the presentation better than I anticipated.
This is the presentation I hope it would be useful to those that missed the event.

Contributing to Open SourceView more presentations from Ahmed Saeed.
It was cool to be presenting at the BA for the first time.

Research Opportunities in Egypt

Lately I have been exploring the research communities and opportunities in Egypt, specially Computer Science oriented research groups. I was amazed by the number of opportunities that are available now specially for a fresh graduate like myself.

I'll try to list some of the opportunities I have came across and that I consider tempting.

1. Cairo Microsoft Innovation Center (CMIC) :
One of the best research centers and it collaborates with a lot of the institutions that follows. There you'll get the chance to work with cutting edge technologies developing projects that will directly help the Arabic community.

2. Government Funded Research Projects:
Development funds like ITIDA, NTRA and STDF are providing support for research projects and IT projects on all level. It's quite interesting to be working on an independent research project that totally matches your interests with absolutely no restrictions and get payed.

3. E-JUST & Nile University:
Working on a research project…