Sun Campus Ambassador - Alexandira University

It is finally official. Say Hello! to the new Sun Campus Ambassador(CA.). It has been 4 months now since I first heard of the position. It was the first day of Wikimania; I talked with the people at the Sun Microsystems booth. It turned out the one of them was the regional manager of Education and Research. He was the one that told me all about the CA position. It was really a long journey, CV sent, first phone interview, second phone interview and a lot of e-mails coming and going ever since. I hope that I’ll be able to do my job as it should be done- Of course I'll need your help to do that. I welcome feedback and at any time.
I am really happy with the activities going all over our department and I hope that it could be of great help to everyone and that I would be a good part of what's going on.
For any feedbacks or questions concerning the CA position or activities you are welcomed to comment here or send me an e-mail.


  1. Congratulations Ahmed and good luck :)

  2. Great news , Congratulations man :)
    i'm sure you'll succeed doing your job isA.
    You have a tough challenge with Microsoft student club ;)

  3. Hot Congrats ya man!

    Best wishes for Sun Microsystems with your Leadership.

  4. Congratulations Saeed :)
    Keep it up man.
    :) Best Wishes :)

    Ahmad Fathy

  5. Well well good news, congratulations
    Help is ready whenever it is needed

  6. Congratulations Sa3eeeeed!!!! Hope you the greatest success with Sun in sha2 ALLAH (^_^)...we 3ayezak tezbat leena el wad Fat7y ba2a LoL hehe :D

    Rabbena ma3ak :)

  7. congratulations ... well done man ...
    you are the best to do ...
    God be wz u and I 'm in for any help :)

  8. congratulations ya man :D
    rabena yekremak insha2 allah

    Mohammad Kotb

  9. Good luck sa3eed ,,
    You r the One ,,,


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