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Evri, a new way to view the internet

A few months ago I was searching for already developed semantic web application. I faced a limited access, beta version application named Evri so I registered in it. After a while I received an e-mail from Evri telling me that the service is no longer limited. I visited the site and I was instantly amazed but what it does. Evri helps you find connections between people, places and all kinds of stuff you might be reading about on the internet. It’s not a search engine so you don’t find a lot of information about the keywords you search for but it tells you what you are searching for is related to, giving you a way to find more information that might be useful to whatever you are doing. It provides a brief Wikipedia description of the keyword and the coolest Evri feature “the connections graph”. It is a simple flash graph that shows other objects on Evri that are connected to the object you are searching now. The rest of the UI is simple with a lot of information, pictures and even YouT…

A talk with Samer El Sahn The CEO of eSpace Technologies

“It's all about the team”, “The business plan comes first”, “We need more start ups”. Those are some of the sentences that was repeated during my talk with Samer El Sahn – CEO of eSpace technologies. The business side of the developing world has always been one of my main interests so I could not waste the chance of having a conversation with the CEO of the company were I am training now. I am not a professional interviewer but I tried my best.
I decided to start by asking questions that I had when I read the IBM CEO global study for the year 2008. The study was titled “The enterprise of the future”. My first question was about the flexibility of a company and the ability to adapt market change. His answer focused on having a specific business plan that has everything obvious and clear especially how the project is going to make money. If the business plan was clear enough the manager shouldn't get carried away by all the possibilities that will appear along the way unless the …