INNOVID, Online Advertising taking a new shape

I have been seeing all the giants two Google and Yahoo trying hard with the video advertising. Google put a lot of effort in the new ads in you tube and the video ads and Yahoo adding pauses between song clips which is kind of annoying. And also I read that an attractive way of integrating video ads with online video streaming which became one of the most used services online. I knew I wasn't going to be the guy to do it, of course I am busy with my term exams, so someone else had to do it. Ladies and gentlemen the new way of advertising through video is here and it's called INNOVID and their Clickable Canvas.
Made by an Israeli startup, which always gives me hope that startups can always contribute to the big market, INNOVID comes with a platform that integrates cool looking ads with videos you already have. What the INNOVID platform provides you with is a way to select lets say a wall in an ordinary video to place an RSS feed, a picture of your product or any other animation you can come up with. You can find a lot of details about the technology they are using and their platform on their website.
Please tell me what you think of it. Waiting for your comments.


  1. wwwooowwwww .. that's really awesome ..
    this technology is great.
    The "in-video hotspot" ,"synched overlay" and "synched bug" ads look good and usual.
    The other ad solutions are incredible.
    I have a concern about these.Putting external elements as ads in vids will make us confused about the original video.We may never know what was the original video look like.
    This doesn't mean i admired these ads :D


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