Masdar City, a motivation and a dream coming true

One of my dreams is to live in a peaceful and clean environment where I don't have to smell carbon dioxide everywhere, where I can walk in the streets and actually breathe. Today I have came to know a project called "Masdar City". Yes the title's origin is arabic which means the "origin" or "source". It's a project funded by the government of Abu Dhabi which aims to build a zero-carbon, zero-waste, car free city powered entirely by renewable energy sources. The city is to be a home for 50000 people, clean and not crowded (a dream come true). Those who will live there will move in the city using public transpotation or personal rapid transit (something from a science fiction movie). The businesses that will take Masdar as a home are to be commercial and manufacturing facilities specializing in environmentally-friendly products and any visitor will leave his car behind when he enters the city.
You can find a lot of information about it on its website and on its wikipedia page which was the source of all my information, although I first new about it through an ad in Harvard Business Review.
I just wanted to blog about it to tell you that a green future is possible and we all need to work to make it happen. As I see it Masdar is just a motivation to all of us to get greener and work for a greener future.


  1. Wow, I have seen that in prison break ep but it was as an imaginary idea those guys in the UAE rock :)


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