Make a difference NOW!!

Have you ever thought about how you can make a change, improve the world, help others and make your actions count ?? Well, I did. I have no money, no way to travel nor a plan. I found out that you can actually improve the world by just some clicks and signing ups while you´re at home enjoying your usual day.
The two websites that I found that helps you make a difference all over the world without leaving your room are Greanpeace and Save the Children.

GreenPeace: a website that is concerned with protecting the environment from greedy states and multinational companies that are abusing the environment. So how they help you?? Sending e-mails to officials , signing petitions, online demonstrations(banners on your blog, virtual activities,...). Actually they keep coming up with amazing ideas to tell the decision makers that there are people in the world that care and that what they are trying to do is dangerous, whether it´s cutting trees, killing whales, using dangerous chemicals, ...
So how can a simple e-mail make a difference?? actually it´s not just you, it´s 60,000 e-mails, 70,000 signatures and more. You are just being a part of the crowd making it more powerful. And they have a list of victories to tell you their stories.

Save the Children: as the name suggests is an organization that is concerned with children´s well being everywhere. Using the same methods as Greenpeace they provide you with petitions to sign and e-mails to send plus they also have cool ways that make children feel that somewhere people care, you can go and make e-cards for children and send it to them. They keep coming up with ideas.
So if you´re busy studying, delivering projects, reading or even watching TV. Just login to one of the two sites once a week and see what you can do, it would take no longer than 10 minutes but it will have a great impact.
Note: If you know any other websites that does the same thing please tell me about them at and for suggestions and comments please leave comments on the post.


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