Prezi: An Easy Way to Make Cool Presentations

I was checking out startups that are competing in The Next Web'09. The post is on Tech Crunch. A line that caught my eyes, one of the startups was introducing a way to make presentations. I wanted to check out how they are making a PowerPoint like software on the cloud. To my surprise it had nothing to do with presentation as I was made to know it during my college years.
Prezi introduces a flash software that helps you to make flash presentations. It's easy, looks great, flexible to some point and free.
Prezi is was founded by two designers/computer scientists that found - as I personally think- slide based presentations so boring. So they -as I personally didn't- made their own presentation mapping and Zui Labs was founded, more information here.
Back when I was in high school I thought that soon all presentations will be flash based but what happened is that powerpoint got stronger, good looking and smart and flash made kind of a not worth the effort to make an ordinary presentation using it. What Prezi offers is "the best of both worlds" amazing flash presentations and an easy way to make them.
The editor is web based and they offer you 100 Mbs of space for your presentations for the free account. You can export a .exe file to present offline. The limitation with the free account is that you'll have the Prezi logo in the bottom-left of your presentations, another draw back is that they don't have an offline version for Linux.


  1. really >Cool Presentations ,Thank you for sharing .

  2. gamed moot el Prezi da ...
    heya el projects wala balash ya man :D

  3. matigi ne3mel presentations el O.R. be Prezi we nakhod emteyaz fil madda kolaha :D

  4. eshta n3red el mawdoo3 3ala el Dr we e7na bn3ytlo 3ala el emt7anat el esbo3 elly gaay as a "Make Up" :D

  5. Really WoW
    There is no comment to be said... :)


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