Blog Action Day: Climate Change and International Day of Climate Action

Well, I just wanted to be part of that worldwide event. So I want to mention some stuff that we can do to help in saving YOUR WORLD!
Support forests for Climate
Say no to Genetically Engineered Rice:
Ask world leaders to personally attend climate conference:
DON'T UNDERESTIMATE WHAT YOU CAN DO, because you'll not be alone in this. If everyone in the world try to make a certain difference it will happen. So let's help the world be a better place for us.
If you're a blogger try blogging about climate change and how everyone can help in making the world a better, safer and greener place.

Also I invite you to be part of the 24th of October International Day of Climate Change. I've thought of having a celebration here in Alexandria. If you're interested comment on this post. Also comment about actions we can do to help save the climate.

Help save the climate the way it suites you but don't stand there doing nothing!


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