Etisalat USB Modem on Ubuntu 9.04 (Huawie E1550)

I had a problem with getting my USB modem to work on Ubuntu as it didn't detect it. The answer to this is simple for Ubuntu 9.04.

First go to "System>Preferences>Network Connection".

Then click on "Mobile Broadband" tab and click on the add button.

Then choose a name for the connection and apply.
Now we're half way there. To make it work you'll have to download this package:
sudo apt-get install udev-extras
Then you'll create a file for the modem by typing:
gksu gedit /etc/udev/rules.d/15-huawei-e1550.rules
Then paste this code in the gedit window:

RUN+="/lib/udev/modem-modeswitch --vendor 0x12d1 --product 0x1446 --type option-zerocd"

cAll you'll need next is to plug and enjoy.
The last step was optained from here.


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