Egypt's Undergraduate Research is Rocking the WORLD!

Yesterday was my big day, I had to present both the demo and the poster. I had judges coming for SRC and for demo evaluation, and a huge load of scientists and professionals coming to check our work. I started asking new friends I met during MobiCom about the work, and got some very helpful feedback about how to present and also they gave me a heads up one some questions I'll need to answer. But they all thought the work was great.

Now it's time for presenting the work to EVERYONE!

At first people just passed me by not asking nor talking, only more people I met on earlier days. After a while I started getting people asking me about the work. After a while I got to move my poster to be next to my demo and that's when all the action started.
I had Microsoft Research people, professors, PhD students and masters students asking questions about DNIS and discussing what we've done and how we did it. The demo helped A LOT in showing them how real the work is and its significance in terms of network performance.

That's not the only news:

We are SRC (Student Research Competition)Undergrad Finalists

Being SRC Finalists we'll get to present our work to ALL of the MobiCom audience. So, ed3oly!
We're rocking the world guys!
This is to every Egyptian undergrad: YOU CAN ROCK THE WORLD TOO, JUST START WORKING ON IT
For more information about SRC check here and here


  1. Congratulations man, and all the DNIS team 7ouda we 7abak :), you deserve it

  2. Congratulations Saeed and DNIS team. wish you the best on the final round. :)


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