MobiCom Updates: DNIS got into SRC

I am almost done with my tourist visit to China and back to work work work!
Before I left for China I got some very bad news, "we didn't get into SRC".
Let me first introduce SRC or Student Research Competition which is an international ACM competition for students (graduate and undergraduate). You can check its official webpage here.
The process of the competition in MobiCom goes as follows, the committee chooses a subset of the qualified posters to compete for the final places then select one of those depending on their presentations to be finalists and give a presentation on the fourth day of MobiCom. Until yesterday our DNIS wasn't selected to compete. Which was a real bummer for us.
Yesterday we got an e-mail saying that we got into SRC!
Ed3olna :D
You can check our names in the SRC Page and the Demos Page.
Wait for my future updates on MobiCom!


  1. Congratulations we rabena ma3ako

    in sha2 allah hatsharafona :D


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