Third Day in China: Summer Palace

I woke up late, I was in a bad mood, I had no energy to get out of the bed :S
The room service rang the room's bell and I had to get up. When I got up I saw that there is no point of wasting such a precious day. It was 11 AM so I put on some clothes and went to the lobby. I asked the staff to write the name of the summer palace for me in Chinese and changed some dollars to Yuans and off I went.
As soon as I got out of the hotel I found fog every where, I have never seen anything like it before. Maybe in the early hours of the morning but not at noon!
I was determined to go to the summer palace and thank God that I was, because it was really wonderful.
I hesitated to get the full ticket (60 Yuans) or the limited one (20 Yuans). When I payed the 100 bill I had they ALWAYS assume that I want the full ticket but I didn't mind that, I just find the assumption strange. I got the electronic map to know a little about the place. This time I got a different version than the one I got yesterday. This one had a map in it and it blinked at my location in the palace.
The palace's history is amazing as most of it was rebuilt more than once, it has some record holding places (the longest corridor, the biggest pavilion, etc). Also learning about the empress that controlled it and the emperors that lived there! To know all that information is really entertaining and educative.
My advice:
If you're visiting Beijing you should go there, it has some amazing scenes and don't hesitate about taking a boat ride. It is really exhausting so have good sleep the night before.
A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some pictures of me :D








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