Second Day in China: Beijing and The Forbidden City

When I started reading about places I should visit while in Beijing I always got The Forbidden City as the first place I should visit, and so I did. First I asked one of the hotel staff to write its name in Chinese for me and I went out of the hotel to get a taxi.
The Taxis:
The one thing that made feel a little at home is the taxis here. The way the treat you, some are extremely friendly and some are extremely not, the don't like seat belts, the drive a little fast but here you only pay what the counter says which is usually a lot.

Back to the way to the forbidden city; I started searching for a taxi and got rejected a couple of times before I decided to got on a road heading south as I knew that the forbidden city was south. After another couple of rejections I found a taxi. When I saw the road I knew why I was rejected. It was too crowded and it took me about 40 minutes to get there.
The taxi dropped me off in front of the forbidden city but in a place with no sign nor traffic light to help me cross but I did anyways. I payed for my ticket, which was too much I think (60 yuans about 10$). When I got in I found out that it was too big for me to wander alone not understanding the history of this amazing place. I found out that they had a very nice solution, a small audio device that had all the information you needed and when ever you walk into a place it tells you its history. Also you get a map with numbers on it and if you want to hear about a certain place just enter the number and it'll tell you everything with good sound effects too. You'll have to pay 40 Yuans and 100 Yuans as a deposit that you'll get as soon as you return the device and the ticket you get with the device (Don't lose the ticket, I almost did).
The forbidden city was the place where the emperor and his family lived and where a lot of celebrations and meetings were held. It's a very organized and ingeniously designed place. The colors and the decorations are so beautiful and what makes it much more amazing that all the drawings and the decorations had meanings.
It took me about 3 hours to wander around, take pictures and know about the history of that place before I decided it was time to leave.
When I got out I saw a place just across the street with building similar in design to buildings in the forbidden city. I knew that I wasn't coming here again any soon so I decided to go in. It turned out to be the Jingshan Park which was in the past an imperial park. The park had a hill that showed a wonderful view over the whole forbidden city and Beijing. It was pretty cheap compared to the forbidden city (only 2 Yuans). I wandered a while there, took some pictures then headed home.
It was an amazing second day, I got to learn new stuff and enjoy my time!

In the park:




In the Forbidden City:





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